Monday, July 16, 1900

16th, helped Geo. haul logs to Chilli. Jesse and George are hauling the cut logs to Chillicothe to run them through a mill and make them usable for building a house for George, Rosa, and Hazel.

Sunday, July 15, 1900

15th, Clifford Bagley & I went out to Aunt Lizzies. Cliff & Nellie, Rosa & Mr. Shuttles, May Warner & I went to Church at the schoolhouse out near Aunties. Cousin Edd Wells preached. Got home at one o’clock Mon. morning. Clifford Bagley is the 23 year-old son of William Wash Bagley and Mary A. Bagley of Green Township, Livingston…

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Saturday, July 14, 1900

14th, helped Geo. cut logs up on section 5 to build him a house. Frank, Charley, & I went swimming in the evening. If any descendants know where section 5 and George’s house was, please drop us a line!  When checking the 1910 census, George and Rosa are living in Chillicothe in a rented house.

Friday, July 13, 1900

13th, cut weeds in the peach orchard. Frank & Charley plowed corn on the G.W. Place. Frank & I went to prayer meeting at Bro. Lou Peazes. There were about 20 there. Frank and Charley might be plowing for another family for pay.  Living in Green, Livingston County, Missouri, is a man named Loten Pease, or Low Peas as it…

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Wednesday, July 11, 1900

11th, we cut oats on the 70. Frank & I went to prayer meeting. I led the meeting. (Read Pet. 2) This is the first time Jesse mentions leading a prayer meeting.

Tuesday, July 10, 1900

10th, made fence north of Johnsons & Jno, Frank, Charley & myself cut & shocked oats on the 70. Moved our cattle from section 5 to the pasture by the 70. We have over 125 head of cattle now. Elmer DeLapp & Paul Doil are here today. Jno & Geo. drove Dandy (for the 1st time) to Utica. So far,…

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Monday, July 9, 1900

9th, made fence on the 70 today. Pa, Jno, Frank & I did. Mother is very sick tonight. Frank went after Dr.G.E.Thomas. It hasn’t rained for over 2 weeks & some corn is firing. From The Bulletin, Pest Management and Crop Development Information for Illinois: Leaf firing–loss of chlorophyll and proteins, with yellowing and eventual death of leaf tissue–is an…

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Sunday, July 8, 1900

8th, went to S.S. & Church, then to BYPU & prayer meeting at night. Bro. Robinson was sick & unable to preach. Bro. Black led the meeting. Further on in 1906, Jesse mentions T. C. Black being elected as a deacon to Utica Baptist Church.  This may be the same Brother Black mentioned here in his 1900 entry.  Thomas Crimley…

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