Wednesday, March 20, 1901

19th – Waded mud-dragged wire ropes up the mountainside & everything else. Stayed all night again at the bunkhouse & on the 20th, we walked & carried our grips to Elma. 5 miles, & There took the train for Gate City. On Sunday night we stayed at City Hotel at Hoquiam. John & I went to Church. Heard a fine…

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Monday, March 18, 1901

On Mon. Mar. 18th, we went down to the camp 5 miles from Elma. Stayed all night at the bunkhouse with nothing to sleep on but some hay & nothing to cover with but our own coats. We worked in the camp.  Poor Jesse! They were roughing it for sure and probably very cold. They showed up not knowing they…

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Sunday, March 17, 1901

On Sunday (17th) I went to S.S., got acquainted with Mr. Couch & some others of Gate City. At 1:00 we went on over to Hoquiam. There we found out that Tom was working on the Elk River for Lidle in their logging camp. We got a job there to work in M C’s logging camp for $2.25 a day.…

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Saturday, March 16, 1901

16th – We came on to Gate City. Got a letter here to come to Hoquiam, Wash. Stayed all night with Fred Ernest, A german, at the Mascot Hotel. Jesse does not say yet who sent him a letter. Sixty-five year-old Fredrick Ernst was listed in the 1900 federal census as born in Germany in 1835. He is a hotel…

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Friday, March 15, 1901

15th – We are not over the Rockies yet this morning. We saw Mt. Adams. We crossed the Cascades today. Got to Centralia at Midnight. Stayed all night at Jackson Hotel. According to the 1901 – 1902 Gazetteer and Business Directory, the Jackson Hotel was run by William R. Clarkson. In the 1900 federal census, William is a 49 year-old…

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Thursday, March 14, 1901

14th – We came in sight of Elkhorn Mountain in Mont. Later we saw Crazy Mountain. They are capped with snow. We went through 5 or 6 tunnels while on our road out here. Our train is loaded with Missourians. We are crossing the Rockies this evening. There is not a single Elkhorn Mountain, but rather it is a mountain…

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Wednesday, March 13, 1901

13th – We are now among the sand hills & the sod houses of Neb. At 3:00 PM a blizzard passed over our path. Stopped at Alliance, Neb for 15 Min. Got a gallon of coffee, cost 25¢. Made out of tobacco, I believe. At 3:15 the Cedar & the Fir began to appear. At Ardmore, S.D., we saw some…

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Tuesday, March 12, 1901

Mar.12-1901 – 5:25 AM. Today John & I start for California. Geo. DeLapp took us to Chilli. & we ate dinner at Jennie’s. At 3:50 we bought our tickets which was $25.00. We reached St. Joe & Lincoln. We had 16 coaches on till we reached Lincoln, then we made 2 trains out of it. We reached Ravenna at 6:30.…

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Monday, March 11, 1901

11th – Mary & I drove Old Black Prince & went to Chilli. Ate dinner at her Aunt Mary Smith’s. In the afternoon we had our pictures taken. Roads muddy. Jesse’s and Mary’s granddaughter Carmen Dawkins Burgett recalled the fact that Mary went to a hair dresser to get her hair put up in the stylish Gibson Girl pompadour for…

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Sunday, March 10, 1901

10th – Went to Church at Utica but there was no service of any kind, so went to Mary’s.