Thursday, February 20, 1901

admin / February 21, 2019

21st – Took 5 logs, 2 loads to Chilli. Geo. & I drove Charley today. I put harness on Bell yesterday & today.

Wednesday, February 20, 1901

admin / February 20, 2019

20th – Geo. & I took load of logs to Mark’s. I got a toe put on one of Frank’s shoes. Pa & geo. drove Charley to Utica. As noted in the February 5th entry from a couple of weeks ago, it is difficult to determine who is Mark. It might be safe to assume though that Jesse does not…

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Monday, February 18, 1901

admin / February 18, 2019

18th – Geo. & I hauled hay and fixed the stalls in the barn & broke Bell & charley to lead & wear the saddle. I guess I will sell my Filly, Grace

Friday, February 15, 1901

admin / February 15, 2019

15th – Took our loads over to Chilli. The ground froze last night a little & this morning it holds the loads up – although I have got a load that my team cant hardly wiggle on the level because it’s so rough. We had about 2 cords and a half on the 2 wagons. We started about 7:30 &…

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Thursday, February 14, 1901

admin / February 14, 2019

14th – Geo. & I hauled 2 loads of logs in the morning. In evening we went over East of the cut-off & loaded up 2 loads of hedge and started home about 5:30. Geo. got stuck in the mud. I hooked my team in front & pulled him out. Had to leave our loads over at Old Charley’s. Again,…

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Monday, February 11, 1901

admin / February 11, 2019

11th – Geo. & I took 2 cords of wood to Mr. Lee in the morning. Geo. took him a cord & I took him a load of soft wood in the evening. The snow is about gone & so are the roads. There’s no way to know which Mr. Lee Jesse means. Maybe George and Jesse brought two cords…

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